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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Find out what’s new at the upcoming Continuity Insights Management Conference, taking place in Charlotte, NC May 6-8.


In an increasingly complex world, it’s more critical than ever for business continuity and resilience professionals to stay on top of the challenges, threats and opportunities that can directly impact their organization.

The Continuity Insights Management Conference has refreshed its educational program for 2024, with a renewed focus on the latest trends and topics that are influencing business operations today – and in the future.

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Continuity Insights Management Conference, CIMC 2024

What’s New At This Year’s Continuity Insights Management Conference?

  • New! Plenary Session – “What Keeps You Awake At Night? A Discussion On Today’s Emerging Threats And Trends”
  • New!  Conference Tracks on AI & Business Continuity and Cyber  
  • New!  Speakers  
  • New!  Conference Program With Over 60 Educational Sessions  
  • New!  Networking Events  
  • New!  Product and Service Exhibits for Business Continuity and Resilience Professionals 


Continuity Insights

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