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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Integrating Enterprise Risk Management and BC Management

Business continuity management is an important part of enterprise risk management. They complement one another, and both are necessary in today’s high-risk business environment. ERM and BCM share the common goals of identifying, assessing, and managing interruption risks that could serve to prevent achievement of their strategic objectives.

While ERM enhances an organization’s ability to make risk-informed decisions, business continuity management enhances enterprise resiliency and helps organizations respond and recover from business interruptions – both unanticipated and anticipated.

Alberto G. Alexander, Ph.D, MBCI, the Managing Director of the international consulting and training firm Eficiencia Gerencial y Productividad, located in Lima, Perú, and a member of the Business Continuity Institute, discusses the integration of these two processes and how the development of a well-coordinated integration plan makes it possible to realize the full value of optimized BCM in this article which first appeared on

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