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Welcome to Zerto

Our Vision: A World of Uninterrupted Technology

A world of uninterrupted technology is a world where organizations across all industries can thrive without downtime or disruptions for their customers. From 24/7 continuous patient care in hospitals, to interruption-free airline travel, to keeping ecommerce systems running without a hitch, the path to this always-available world starts with IT resilience. Zerto helps our 7000+ customers realize this vision though our IT Resilience Platform™, an all-in-one converged disaster recovery and backup platform that enables digital transformation, reduces downtime and data loss, and helps businesses move workloads seamlessly across clouds or datacenters. With Zerto, a world of truly uninterrupted technology is within reach.

The Elements of IT Resilience

Built on a foundation of continuous data protection, Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform™ converges disaster recovery, backup, and workload mobility. Built-in orchestration and automation provide you one simple, agile solution to save time, resources and costs. Analytics with intelligent dashboards give you complete visibility across multi-site and cloud environments.

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