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You Can’t Stop. The Time to Plan for Office Re-Opening is Now

We are all exhausted. Crisis management and business continuity departments have been in a perpetual state of activation for months, although it feels like years. Some teams may have hit a slight lull – as IT issues have been resolved and employees have gotten used to working from home. However, someday offices will re-open. Maybe it’s optimistic to think it will be soon, but it will eventually happen, and the required planning to get people back to their offices may dwarf the effort of having everyone work from home in the first place.

You Can’t Stop. The Time to Plan for Office Re-Opening is Now, is a new webinar from Continuity Insights scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. ET. This presentation will offer insights and guidance into the planning efforts behind employees returning to the office and will involve strategic thinking, detailed tactical work, and the flawless communication of both. Employees are going to be scared and, admittedly, they are going to judge leadership on how well the organization is prepared to protect them. Preparing for “Day 1” may take weeks.

During the webinar, Grace Burley, Managing Director, Corporate Resilience for Witt O’Brien’s, will review:

  • Strategic Planning for the New Normal
  • Determining When to Open
  • Preparing the Office Environment to Re-open
  • Preparing the Communication

Registration for You Can’t Stop. The Time to Plan for Office Re-Opening is Now is open here.

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