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World Cares Center: Disaster Volunteerism Academy

Continuity Insights

Whether you’re an individual who wants to be prepared in the event of an emergency, a disaster volunteer, or a local leader, World Cares Center delivers value-added training to equip you with the skills and tools you need for preparedness, collaboration, and community responsibility.

These online, self-paced courses are offered free of charge. We highly suggest booking an in person follow up session that includes hands on exercises to practice the skills that you have just learned. For more information, contact us.

Visit World Cares Center ( for more information on COVID-19 Safety, Resiliency, and Manager training.

For the latest COVID-19 prevention training go to “General Readiness (”

If you are a disaster volunteer, caregiver, or responder, go to “Disaster Volunteerism 101 (” and take the COVID-19 Training to learn how to protect yourself while helping others. You must be logged in to access the trainings.

Continuity Insights

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