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Witt O’Brien’s Launches CO:RE™ — First Corporate Resilience Program Specifically Designed for Medium-Size Companies

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Witt O’Brien’s has announced the launch of CO:RETM, a managed service that is built on the firm’s decades of crisis management experience across sectors and globally. CO:RETM integrates business continuity, crisis management, and crisis communications. It provides a tailored resilience program for mid-sized firms seeking to protect their staff, clients, and enterprise value in the face of increasingly frequent and severe disruptions.

“Mid-sized companies face the same threats as their Fortune 500 competitors,” says Tim Whipple, CEO of Witt O’Brien’s. “These range from pandemics, hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes to cyber-attacks, supply chain failure, or a product recall. Failure to prepare and respond effectively can threaten personnel, customer service, and even commercial viability.

“However, mid-sized companies do not generally have the resources to build effective in-house resilience programs, and traditional consulting solutions have been cost-prohibitive,” Whipple continues. “CO:RETM is a cost-effective managed service that delivers a resilience program tailored to each client’s needs, while leveraging Witt O’Brien’s staff of over 300 professionals to provide the planning, training, exercising, and crisis response expertise that mid-sized companies lack.”

Subscription to the CO:RETM program includes development of a crisis management playbook, 24/7 crisis team activation, real-time strategic advice on crisis management, business continuity, communications, and annual training exercises to enhance preparedness.

“CO:RETM is a force-multiplier for executive leadership,” adds Devin Sirmenis, Managing Director. “It delivers peace of mind for medium-sized companies: knowing that they have a plan and a strong team secured for round-the-clock support.”

Learn more at Witt O’Brien’s.

Continuity Insights

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