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2020 Continuity Insights New York Virtual Exhibit Hall

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Disasters happen. It’s a question of when, not if. Every company and community must be ready to overcome crisis and rebound quickly. Our mission is to help you do just that. We bring decades of experience managing almost every major disaster in recent history. Everything we do is designed to make you more resilient. We’re a member of the SEACOR family of companies, traded on the New York Stock Exchange. We’re operationally and financially strong. We’re the thin line between order and chaos—a trusted partner in your hour of need.

Be sure to attend our Continuity Insights New York Conference presentation:
“Getting It Juuuuuust Right:
How to Balance Depth and
Business Practicality When Developi
ng Your BC Program,”
to be presented by Grace Burley and Tracey Mayer.

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Corporate Solutions
Most businesses are not crisis-ready. If disaster strikes, they don’t have a plan and quickly lose control of the situation. That damages their clients, operations, reputation—even their viability. We help you prepare for the unexpected and manage the crisis. Our mission is to help you minimize disruption and get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible. Our experience is broad and deep. We partner with over 1,000 companies around the world. Our clients range from leading energy and shipping companies to social media, consumer goods, retail, financial services, manufacturing and more.


Pandemic Buzz
PandemicBuzz is a snapshot-in-time interview series, where crisis management, business continuity and crisis communications experts talk about their current pandemic efforts, state of mind, and corporate path forward


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Washington, DC 20005

Contact: +1 202-585-0780
24/7 Emergency: +1 985-781-0804



Return to Work Guidelines
Any return to work plan must, fundamentally, protect the health and safety of employees, clients, and the communities in which we work and live.

The Time to Plan for Office Reopening is Now
We are all exhausted. Crisis management and business continuity departments have been in a perpetual state of activation for over a month, although it feels like years

How to Adapt to Covid-19: 
Focus: Insightful Practices for Companies to Implement
Having robust crisis management and business continuity plans is crucial for organizations that must continue operations during the pandemic.

WEBINAR: Maximizing Federal Assistance – Navigating Federal Funding Streams through COVID-19


Resource Library
Should I respond to that social media comment?
The press officer vs. the spokesperson
The psychology of information: Why lies are more believable than truths




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