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An all-encompassing kit designed to prepare your organization to communicate with every channel and in every scenario through the duration of a winter storm is available from AlertMedia. The Winter Weather Preparation Kit covers best practices multiple scenarios including Winter Storm Approaching, Business Hours, Outdoor Jobs, Proactive Support, Safety Tips and Policy Reminders, School Closures, and more.

The kit includes winter weather communication templates to contact the right people during a storm using text messages, emails, voice calls, and mobile app pushes. A “How To Prepare Your Business For Winter ” explores how winter weather impacts businesses across the country, what businesses can do to effectively prepare for and react to inclement weather, and employee communication best practices for ensuring safety, productivity, and business continuity all winter long.

The final component of the kit is the Winter Weather Preparation Checklist, which will instruct you on protecting and preparing your business through the three main phases of a winter storm – preparing before, acting during, and recovering after.

The Winter Weather Preparation Kit is available as a free download here.

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