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Why Every Organization Needs a Resilience Officer

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Does the ultimate business continuity professional exist? One that has all the requisite skills and knowledge to make up a 360-degree resilience officer. It’s not an easy question to answer. And according to one of the most prominent and experienced international continuity and resiliency professionals the answer is no.

Gianna Detoni, FBCI, President & Founder of PANTA RAY, is considered one of the most experienced professionals in international techniques of Continuity and Resiliency. The Business Continuity Institute gave her a most prestigious recognition as she won the European Award ‘Continuity & Resilience Industry Personality of the Year 2017. And even though she believes that no one has all it takes to be ultimate 360-degree resilience officer, she is still a proponent of each company appointing a specific individual for the management of their organization’s resilience.

In her recent post for The Business Continuity Institute’s BCI Education Month, she listed five reasons why it would be a smart, productive choice.

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