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Continuity Insights Management Conference

By Roswitha Firth, KingsBridge BCP:

How can you influence the decision makers? In every company there are decision makers and decision influencers. Often it is the decision influencers who see the need for a service/solution. They then work to convince the decision makers to agree and sign a contract. So, how does this apply when making decisions about your business continuity plans? What is the normal process for your organization when making decisions that will have a large impact on the longevity and success of your company?

Frequently companies see the business continuity plan as the responsibility of the information technology department. And while the IT department is responsible for installing and managing your business continuity software solution, who really makes the decision on this purchase? Is the business continuity plan an IT issue, or is it a company-wide issue?

Recent events prove this is a company-wide issue. Threats such as pandemics, floods or power outages can have an overwhelmingly negative impact on the company’s bottom line and ability to survive. Understanding this helps ensure the decision makers and decision influencers are on the same page. Namely, that business continuity is not simply an IT issue.

Really the person you need to talk to is the Chief Financial Officer. This is the person who can clearly see and appreciate the impact a disaster can have on the company. The CFO and the entire management of the company should have business continuity front and center on their “to do” lists. Therefore, the trick is getting these key decision makers to understand that a threat (no matter how small) can and will affect the bottom line.

Take Action NOW!
So, where does this leave you? If you’re a decision maker – what are you waiting for? Call a meeting, get your CFO and managers in a room, and find out what the status is of your business continuity plan. If you’re a decision influencer – email the link to this blog post ( to your company’s decision makers. Remind them that downtime results in missed sales, productivity, and potentially even bigger disasters.

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Continuity Insights

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