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Continuity Insights Management Conference

When Doing the Right Thing is the Right Thing to Do

Models of Good Contingency Management Leadership

Plenary Session P1: Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D. – Professor of Communication, Lipscomb University

Leadership is the most influential and critical element of successfully managing a contingency or crisis. Despite this seemingly obvious fact – many executives and managers remain ill prepared to function as good leaders during these urgent situations. This session calls our attention to those who choose to do the right things even at the most difficult times. The presentation briefly reviews the marks and traits of positive leadership which apply at the executive level down through localized managers. Several mini-case studies are reviewed that illustrate positive leadership by a focus on doing the right thing despite the challenges of the situation or crisis to be managed.
Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D. is an accomplished researcher and scholar with more than 150 academic and professional papers, including widely circulated “white papers” on communication during disasters, more than 50 academic and professional articles and publications, and he is the author, co-author or editor of nine books. He has served as a faculty member at prestigious universities and has taught up to the advanced graduate levels. His innovative programs and highly sought curriculum offerings have earned him an international following. He is an expert in organizational and business communication with a specialty in organizational crisis communication including communication during emergencies, crises, and disasters, as well as health and risk communication priorities for pandemics and other public health crises, effective risk communication, behavioral and psychometric assessment and appraisal, incident notification, crisis leadership, teamwork, multicultural and intercultural diversity, organizational integrity, public relations and program evaluation and assessment.

2017 Continuity Insights Management ConferenceDr. Chandler’s research and conceptual models have been widely adopted and significantly influenced successful communication practices. Dr. Chandler is an acclaimed speaker, presenter, educator and trainer for a wide range of organizational and corporate settings including national Webinars, and has been a featured speaker at major conferences, symposiums, Fortune 500™ companies, public agencies, government, schools/universities, hospitals, businesses, and a wide variety of association meetings.

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