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Continuity Insights Management Conference

How much can you expect to create, develop, and mature in your first year managing a new business continuity program? Sometimes the questions are more important than the answers. What is reasonable to promise? What do you prioritize? And how do you gain support? Follow one BC professional’s journey of the first year at a new organization.

Ron Kamps, Business Resilience Manager with Mutual of Enumclaw, and a faculty member for the 2017 Continuity Insights Management Conference, journaled his activities – what worked, what did not, and what he learned – over the course of his first year with company as he developed a new business continuity program. He outlined his approach to developing the program, his fast-start plan, fast, how he gained support, how he held people accountable, how he managed the program with no resources, and what kept him awake at night.

His case study included examples of the various program components, definitions, activities, hierarchy, reporting, tools, task lists, and tips he used, all of which is applicable for those who are planning to start something new, recently started something new, or are looking to jumpstart or mature an existing program or program component.

DOWNLOAD: “Developing a New Business Continuity Program: What My Program Looked Like One Year After I Started a New Job”

Continuity Insights

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