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Winter brings many diverse threats to businesses, in all environments. From freezing temperatures to road closure to risk of illness, most businesses face challenges related to the winter season. Business continuity during these times relies heavily on proper preparation and effective communications.

What should you be doing to prepare your business and employees for winter?

Warning Coordination Meterologist Paul Yura from the National Weather Service will be discussing this topic in the next installment of Continuity Insights Webinar Series – How Winter Weather Threatens Your Business. And What to Do About It. With the winters months fast approaching, Yura will explain how businesses across the country are affected by winter hazards and what they can do to prepare for and react to inclement weather.

Yura will be joined by emergency communications veteran Peter Steinfeld of AlertMedia to present important communication tips before, during, and after any winter storm and discuss what the best businesses are proactively doing before it gets cold, and how it has affected their business.

Don’t miss this timely discussion scheduled for November 13 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Registration is now open here.

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