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What business executives don’t understand about IT

When I graduated from college, I worked as an assembler language programmer for Sears. At that time, Sears was the world’s largest retailer and it was just beginning to use the new System 360 from IBM. IT was looked upon as a group of techies that performed some unexplainable job that was supposed to revolutionize the business. Beyond that, the senior executives across the business knew little of us nor did they want to know.

Ever since then, IT has been accused of being too technology-oriented. But much has changed. We have seen more CIOs being recruited from outside of IT to inject business knowledge into IT, and many IT leaders themselves have pursued MBAs for the same reason. Despite this, many non-IT executives still don’t understand how to work effectively with IT, nor do they believe doing so is part of their job. It is up to CIOs to change this narrative so that companies can maximize the value of IT.

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