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Webinar: Preparing for a New Era of Civil Unrest: A Guide to Safety and Security

Worldwide, incidents of civil unrest have doubled over the last decade. Every region of the world has experienced hundreds of civil unrest events over the last ten years. The U.S. is currently experiencing one of the most significant and prolonged periods of civil unrest, often characterized by violence and the destruction of property. Across over two months of protests, demonstrators have experimented with a variety of new tactics and strategies. From leaf blowers to lasers, from balloons to power tools, protestors, as well as public safety authorities are deploying new strategies and tactics.

Preparing for a New Era of Civil Unrest: A Guide to Safety and Security will provide provides timely, actionable information to better help leaders and responders protect their organizations’ personnel and assets when responding to potential group, crowd or mob situations. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

The program will be presented by Steven Crimando, the principal and founder of Behavioral Science Applications LLC, an operational risk management consultancy based in the New York metropolitan area. He is a consultant and educator focused on behavioral threat management and the human element in disasters and mass violence.

Program highlights will include:

  • Types, scope and prevalence of collective violence
  • Defining and distinguishing between groups, crowds and mobs
  • The psychology of crowds
  • The physics of crowds
  • Identifying “flashpoints”
  • Evolving tactics of “non-violent” and “not non-violent” protestors
  • Effective countermeasures and crowd management strategies
  • Business Continuity and Facility Security concerns and countermeasures
  • Personal and team safety in crowds and mobs
  • Last-chance survival tactics in violent mob situations

More information and registration available here.

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