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Behavioral Science Applications

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About Behavioral Science Applications LLC

The ability to form accurate behavioral assumptions can give an organization’s leaders a critical strategic and tactical advantage in managing a variety of operational risks.  An understanding of crisis-related behavior can inform actions that organizations can take in order to more effectively achieve the desired outcome. In other cases, an understanding of human behavior can simply lead to a more complete explanation for why people react in certain ways in disasters, emergencies, and violent incidents. BSA’s multi-disciplinary team helps our clients with analyses and insights into human behavior to facilitate effective crisis-related plans, policies, procedures, and exercises.

By applying a multidisciplinary social science approach to understanding the diversity and complexity of human behavior, BSA can help optimize your organization’s preparedness, response and recovery capabilities. 

BSA helps organizations develop violence prevention and crisis intervention capabilities across the entire spectrum operational risks, including inappropriate, hostile and dangerous workplace behaviors, and the risk of extreme violence involving in an Active Shooter situation. We offer a range of consulting services to address the challenges encountered before, during and after crtical incidents.

  • Program Consultation
  • Case Consultation
  • Litigation Support
  • Traumatic Stress Management
  • Exercise Design

BSA offers a comprehensive range of trainng services. In addition to our catalog of training topics, many of our training programs are designed for specific client needs, so we have developed a wide range of solutions from workplace violence prevention workshops to training in the behavioral management of exotic hazards, such as CBRNE terrorism and crowd violence.

With a broad range of field experience, our world class training team provides tailored solutions and high-level expertise.

BSA provides in-house training and eLearning programs for executive managers, supervisors and front line employees. Our courses equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to respond effectively to today’s challenging risk environment. We take pride in our reputation for delivering training that is well respected by employers and enjoyable and informative for participants. Clients who have taken our courses and workshops, agree that the training provided is both essential and valuable to their roles. 

  • Violence Prevention
  • Emergency Management
  • Employee/Personal Safety
  • Psychological Support


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International: +1 888 404 6177

NY Metro Area: +1 917 289 1186

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BSA is offering our eBook, “Blind Spot: A Guide to Workplace Violence Prevention for Home Office Workers” at not cost to interested parties.

If you would like a copy of the eBook, please send an email to: with the phrase “eBook Request” in the subject line. You will receive your copy within 24 hours.



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