Upping Your Resiliency Quotient When Dealing With Ransomware

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Are you aware that Ransomware source code and do-it-yourself kits can be purchased on the dark web for as little as $300? That’s a blind side hit we weren’t expecting to hear. No wonder that the relative ease of carrying out an attack and securing a payout makes ransomware an attractive option for cyber-criminals.

Consider that US companies paid out more than $350 million in ransom in 2020 alone.

In order to help avoid joining the ranks of those companies that have been hacked, now is the time to protect your company by incorporating ransomware into your disaster recovery plans.

In this post, Robert Capps VP of emerging technologies for NuData Security discusses designing your disaster recovery plan with ransomware in mind. Read it here via InfoSecurity Magazine

Continuity Insights

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