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Under Pressure: Remaining Ready and Resilient in a Time of Countless Enterprise Threats

Bad things happen.

Sometimes they only seem large, like spilling coffee on your shirt just before a job interview begins. Sometimes they’re truly horrible, like a global pandemic stretching over 2 years in duration.

Resilience is how we react to these bad things and overcome them.

Here’s something else to know about bad things: They happen a lot. Research and advisory firm Forrester surveyed risk management professionals in their Business Risk Survey, 2021​. The vast majority of them worked for an organization that experienced at least one critical risk event last year — 72%, or nearly three-quarters of them. (Forrester defined a critical risk event as one having a significant business, financial, or reputational effect on an organization.) If one critical risk event is bad, maybe six would be challenging — and 19% of the respondents had six critical risk events in 2021.

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