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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Continuity Insights has announced that there’s still time to register for the 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference scheduled for April 23-25 in Miami. This unparalleled networking and education event features seven learning tracks and more than 70 sessions dealing with today’s most compelling resilience issues.

The seven educational tracks feature case studies, program development & advancement, ask the experts panel discussions, emerging technology, trending topics, professional development, and measurement, metrics & maturity.

More than 100 featured subject matter experts and industry thought leaders will give business continuity professionals a chance to discuss resilience at a critical and strategic level.

Keys sessions include:

  • So You Have a Disaster… Now What?
  • Evaluation, Measurements & Benchmarking, It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be
  • The Need for Real-Time Communication in a Complex Global Threat Environment
  • How Every Business Can Have Their Own Emergency Response Teams
  • IT DR Program Improvements; Working with Improved Technologies and the People Who Know Them Best
  • Personal Resiliency – Why Am I Committed to Doing This Job?
  • Turn Up the Volume PART 2: Developing and Implementing a Global BCM Training Program in a Busy, Distracted World
  • Assessing Residual Risk in Your BCM Program
  • Live Hack Cyber Attack
  • Major Challenges to Implementing an Effective Risk Mitigation Program and How to Overcome Them
  • The Case for Developing Organizational Resilience Capability
  • Business Interrupted – Cyber Risk Gets Physical
  • Seven Steps to Building a Rock Solid Resilient Enterprise
  • Simplifying Crisis Management and Business Continuity Development for the Medium-Sized Company
  • Coordinating Business Continuity and Information Security
  • Process Maturity vs. Program Capabilities
  • Building Resiliency in 12 Months or Less
  • Sheltered Harbor: Protection Against Potential Significant Cyber Risk
  • Cyber Risks and Emerging Technology/Threats
  • Effective Risk Management Through ERM/BCM Integration and Collaboration
  • Ranking the Maturity Level of Your Business Continuity Plan Using a Resiliency Maturity Model

The conference will take place at the Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, Florida. The complete program, including speakers, sessions, panel discussions, and workshops, is available here.


For complete details and registration visit the conference website here.



Continuity Insights

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