B9: Cyber Breaches and Business Resilience . . . Industry Observations

Robbie Atabaigi and Jodie Wright
This session discusses how some organizations have overlapped the cyber program with their existing business resilience program. Robbie and Jodie will provide an overview of recent cyber issues and will share their observations and trends of how other organizations are linking cyber and business resilience. Come and share your experiences and lessons learned during this interactive session.


B10: Building Your Crisis Communication Team

Jennifer March
During a crisis, communicating to those impacted is just as important as how your organization will work through and resolve an event. What you say will impact how others perceive your organization and could even make you vulnerable to litigation. Learn about how crisis communications has evolved and its increased importance in today’s world. We’ll also explore how to build a crisis communications team for your organization including who the key player should be, identifying decision makers, and challenges you’ll face along the way.