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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.





A9 – Five Actionable Ways to Weather-Proof Your Business Continuity Plan
Anuj Agrawal, Earth Networks
Weather is the second biggest threat to business operations, and that is not expected to change. In the past year, we’ve seen more than $300 billion US in damages due to weather events. This session will introduce five actionable ways to improve severe weather preparedness by presenting case studies of organizations and companies that have prioritized weather in their organizational operations plans. Key takeaways include: 1. Using the right technology; 2. Why free weather apps and forecasts aren’t enough; and 3. Become the weather guru for your organization.

B13 – Adaptive Business Continuity: That Really Works? Getting Started with Adaptive BC
(Note: Breakout Sessions B11, B12 and B13 are part of the Adaptive Business Continuity Series. Attending one individually or collectively is at the discretion of the attendee)

Dr. David Lindstedt
Mark Armour, Brinks, Inc.

David Linstedt, Ph.D., Adaptive BC Solutions, and Mark Armour, Brinks
All the cool kids are talking about Adaptive BC these days. What is all this craziness about? Perhaps you’ve heard a bit about the Adaptive BC approach or even read the Manifesto. Now you want to dip your toe in the waters and see what it might be like to transition to an Adaptive BC program. The presenters offer a smorgasbord of ideas, tips, tricks, proven practices, and simple exercises to get you started. You’ll come away with many little experiments you can try to see if Adaptive BC is right for you and your organization! 

B14 – BCM – the Best Defense Against Cyber Incidents
Chris Duffy, Strategic BCP
The best defense is a good offense – and it’s especially true when planning for cybersecurity threats. Cybersecurity is a top operational risk for many companies, yet, over 70% don’t have a plan in place for an effective recovery. The time is now to create an effective Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Plan to assess risks and remain resilient in the face of a cybersecurity incident. Attendees will discover the role cybersecurity should have in a business continuity plan and how to create successful recovery strategies. This presentation will give attendees the tools and knowledge needed to return to their organization and integrate cybersecurity into their business continuity plan.

C13 – Conducting an Effective Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Sherri Flynn, RecoveryPlanner
Effective Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery programs are dependent upon the business priorities of the company. During this session we will cover setting up your BIA to determine, assess, and evaluate the potential effects of a business interruption to the organization’s critical business units/processes. How do you know which business units/processes are the most critical and how is critical being defined? How do you create your impact measurements to be used in the BIA evaluation? How can you leverage the results of the BIA to improve your program? This session will discuss approaches to initiating and conducting a BIA based on best practices and practical experience.  

E1 -Monitoring Social Media Sentiments to Better Manage Your Communications During Crisis
Isabelle Primeau, Premier Continuum Inc.
When time is of the essence during a crisis, how can you detect what is the real public perception and how your message is perceived? Reviewing a recent ransomware crisis, the presenter will share key concepts in Incident Response and Crisis Management and explain how media monitoring tools using AI (artificial intelligence) can help analyze public perceptions and understand the context of positive and negative comments surrounding the crisis, allowing Crisis Management Teams to make better decisions faster. While negative online conversation dominated the crisis, see how positive corporate messages were successful at also keeping positive mentions during the event.

F3 – How I Survived 20+ Years in Business Continuity – Living Outside the Box!             
Becky Cohen, BBX Capital
Ever wonder if you are doing this job correctly? With more than 20 years of experience and more than 100 events in last year alone, hear how this one-person department manages to engage thousands of associates from eight different companies… and survive.  Learn how the presenter got her start in BCP, finding the right formula for each company, the challenges of audits, budgets, battles, testing.  It’s a good day when work remains “inside of the box,” the extraordinary days are those with ‘challenges’ from outside the box; and success only comes from thinking inside, outside, below and above the box.       This upbeat and humorous session will highlight how much she loves her job and the industry – everyday.      

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