Securing Sensitive Data: Most Organizations Lack Confidence

2023 State of Data Security & Management Report reveals alarming truths about the current state of data security and management in organizations.

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Releases Cybersecurity Plan

Cybersecurity Plan
National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (NCSIP) includes 65+ initiatives, from combatting cyber crimes to building a skilled cyber workforce.

The Salvation Army Initiates Disaster Relief Due To Flooding

Simultaneous heat relief services are activated due to extreme heat across the country.

How Global Business Leaders Build Resilience

Building Business Resilience
A survey of 600 executives from leading enterprises across Asia, Europe and North America reveals three types of business resilience that are essential for success.

Largest Resiliency Park Opens In NJ

The resiliency park can mitigate floods by detaining up to two million gallons of stormwater.

A Special Presentation by the Homeland Security Human Factors Institute

It is very difficult to “un-scare” people, and fear can be as contagious as any disease. Right now, the monkeypox outbreak is bad and getting worse. It represents an unprecedented spread of this disease. At last count, the U.S. has identified 6,617 confirmed monkeypox cases, and at least 85 other countries have identified 26,000 more. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared monkeypox a Global Health Emergency, and now Health and Human Services (HHS) has declared it a national Public Health Emergency in the U.S., reflecting the seriousness and urgency of the situation. Researchers estimate that it might take a year or more to control this outbreak. By then, the virus is likely to have infected hundreds of thousands of people. While the virus itself is self-limiting, it’s potential to cause fear and anxiety is not. All public health emergencies are simultaneously behavioral health emergencies. Fear and anxiety about another novel virus is now surfacing in the form of anger and stigma, so much so that the WHO is considering changing the name of the virus, which they see as “discriminatory and stigmatizing.” Recent news stories have reported that some healthcare workers and lab techs have even refused to draw blood for patients suspected of having monkeypox. Not only is stigma corrosive to communities and organizations, it also prevents people from getting the testing and treatment necessary to prevent the further spread of the disease. Anyone can get monkeypox, and everyone can be affected by the emotional impact of a new ... Read more

AlertMedia Announces Direct Access to Global Intelligence Team During Critical Events 

AlertMedia, the world’s leading threat intelligence and emergency communication provider, has announced the global availability of Analyst Access, the first solution to offer organizations direct, around-the-clock access to a team of expert threat intelligence analysts during emergencies and other critical events. Through Analyst Access, customers now interact directly with AlertMedia’s Global Intelligence Team via an in-product, secure chat experience to obtain context, clarity, and insight on developing threats occurring near employees, facilities, and assets. The capabilities represent a significant enhancement to the company’s Threat Intelligence product, providing an industry-first combination of a verified threat intelligence feed, dedicated analyst support, and the ability to collaborate in real time with like-minded safety and security professionals from multiple organizations. From civil unrest and public health crises to severe weather and supply chain disruptions, the number of threats that impact businesses and their employees continues to increase. However, today’s security teams responsible for crisis management, asset protection, and business operations are constantly inundated with information, often full of false positives, making it nearly impossible to quickly identify which threats require immediate escalation. AlertMedia’s real-time, human-verified Threat Intelligence enables safety leaders to monitor and identify threats to their employees and operations and issue emergency notifications to impacted groups from a single interface. “Incidents that put an organization’s people and operations at risk can escalate quickly with dire consequences,” said Sara Pratley, Vice President of Global Intelligence at AlertMedia. “Our Global Intelligence Team is comprised of security leaders and former military intelligence analysts, law enforcement, and journalists, and they understand that during emergencies, ... Read more

New Webinar: Level-Up Your Fire Preparedness Strategy

Continuity Insights has announced that Level-Up Your Fire Preparedness Strategy has been scheduled as the next installment in its critically-acclaimed webinar series. The broadcast will take place on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Register. The National Fire Protection Association reports that U.S. fire departments respond to nearly 38,000 workplace fires each year, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries and more than $1 billion in direct property damage. With millions of employees returning to the workplace, now is the time to build, scale, or assess your fire preparedness plan for 2022. You should also consider how your plan prepares and protects your remote workers from fire emergencies in their home offices. Stan Szpytek, retired Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal from the Chicago area and president of Fire and Life Safety, Inc., will join Peter Steinfeld, AlertMedia’s SVP of Safety Solutions, to give advice and best practices on how to prevent, respond, and recover from workplace fires. Attendees will learn: Tactical tips for expanding basic preparedness plans into comprehensive fire safety programs How to conduct vulnerability assessments and risk mitigation for fire-related threats Guidance on how to understand and comply with fire regulations Best practices for conducting fire safety drills and trainings How to involve onsite and remote workers in your fire safety program Registration is now open here.

New Survey: BCI Continuity and Resilience Report 2022

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is reintroducing back into its portfolio the Continuity and Resilience Report for 2022. The report is sponsored by Castellan. The survey will be developed into an insightful report examining: How Business Continuity and Resilience are perceived within an organization and their place within an organizational structure, How the roles and responsibilities of a Business Continuity & Resilience professional are expanding as well as The challenges brought about by new working environments All survey participants will receive a complementary copy of the final report. The survey is now open here.

Continuity Insights Webinar Series: New Topics Available On-Demand

Continuity Insights has enhanced its Webinar Series Library to include a number of new sessions presented by insightful business continuity leaders that cover topics across the full spectrum of our profession. Be sure to check out these recent additions to the archives. Managing Team Mental Health During Crisis Presenter: Dawn Grzena, Zendesk As the leaders during a crisis, we are expected to be calm, cool, and collected no matter what the crisis is. What happens when crisis exhaustion starts to creep in by either your executives, response teams, or those that you manage? What are the burnout warning signs that you should be watching for? Finally, how do you manage the team beyond this single event? This webinar goes over what our speaker, Dawn Grzenda of Zendesk, has learned over the years on what to watch for during a crisis for burnout, exhaustion, or team members being overwhelmed. We’ll go over the various tools and tips to help both your direct and extended teams. By the time this session is over, you will walk away with solid strategies, ideas, and more tools for your crisis response toolbox. View Searching for Risk in All the Wrong Places Presenter: Geary Sikich, Principal, Logical Management Systems Risk management professionals need to ask the question, “Are we searching for risk in all the wrong places?” Are risk professionals being deluded or deluding themselves by seeing risk based on media driven analysis; applying outmoded tools, models, etc. that no longer reflect the reality of risk? ... Read more

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