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The Violence Prevention Formula – Part 2: Anonymous Reporting

Part 1 of Firestorm Solutions’ 9-Step Violence Prevention Formula dealt with identifying behaviors of concern that may lead to violence or self-harm. But what action should someone take if they do indeed see a radical behavioral change in a colleague, employee. or classmate? What’s the next step?

Organizations and schools of all sizes need a comprehensive violence prevention program. The next step is providing employees, students, staff and others an anonymous reporting system by which they can report something they’ve seen. Behaviors of concern can be very mild; something that an employee or student normally would not report, therefore, we must make it easy for people to report these behaviors.

With disturbing regularity, we discover after the fact that someone always knew prior to the violent event. The problem is that without an anonymous reporting tool, people are hesitant to get involved.

This excerpt from The Violence Prevention Formula – Part 2: Anonymous Reporting is published courtesy of Firestorm Solutions. Continuity Insights will continue to keep you posted on Firestorm’s entire nine-part series on this topic.

Read the full post on part one via Firestorm.



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