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The Shift From Threat Prevention To Cyber Resilience

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It is difficult to imagine running a business without a thorough cyber resilience strategy in a world that is increasingly digital and where cyberattacks are on the rise at an alarming rate. According to research, 99% of enterprises already employ one or more SaaS products. This shows that today’s businesses rely more on digital technologies, that the value of digital assets is growing and that practically all of them have an online presence.

It’s fascinating to note that there are already over 1.5 billion websites available online. A depressing reality for businesses of all sizes is the rise of cyberattacks due to the trend of hybrid work. Due to the increasing success of social engineering and other strategies of attack, no organization is secure from them. To defend key business operations from cyberattacks and to guarantee company continuity both during and after a disruptive occurrence, the current situation necessitates robust cybersecurity.

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