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The Risk and Recovery Challenge: Will it Work Across Multiple Risk Scenarios

With data and compute capabilities spread across multiple data centers, computer rooms, availability zones, geographic regions, and international borders, few organizations can effectively answer: “Do we have disaster recovery risk for the systems that support our highest profile products and services?”

If there is any doubt, attend The Risk and Recovery Challenge: Will it Work Across Multiple Risk Scenarios, a new Continuity Insights webinar, and learn key focus areas needed in an effective Disaster Recovery Risk Management program. John Beattie, Principal Consultant with Sungard AS will present and further identify and evaluate the risks that are likely to impede an effective response to a significant technology disruption or disaster event.

Disaster Recovery teams are responsible for protecting critical business operations by maintaining a constant state of recovery readiness across multiple data centers, complex infrastructures, and all within a continually changing threat landscape resulting in an exhaustive list of potential disaster and disruption scenarios. It is an ongoing challenge to fully understand, prioritize, and manage recovery risk across the enterprise and responsibly determine where to proactively invest in risk treatments. If your organization is like most, you may not know how to measure or convey the level of confidence you have in your Disaster Recovery and major IT failure response processes, capabilities and plans – a level of confidence your executives need to understand; without asking.

The Risk and Recovery Challenge: Will it Work Across Multiple Risk Scenarios is scheduled for Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. and will allow time for audience participation and Q&A.

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