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The Lessons of National Preparedness Month Continue All Year Long

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From Homeland Security

National Preparedness Month has ending, but the relevance of this annual event continues beyond September. The active hurricane season and devastating series of wildfires out west, both during a global pandemic, are proof that all Americans need to plan for emergencies in their communities.

The 2020 preparedness month theme – “Disasters don’t wait. Make your plan today.” – is especially fitting for our nation right now. The actions of ordinary citizens can make a tremendous impact on the response to and mitigation of disasters everywhere.

In support of this initiative, FEMA shares tips and toolkits at its comprehensive portal with guidance to help you create a plan, build an emergency toolkit, and prepare yourself and your family for almost every type of disaster imaginable. This year we also added COVID-19 pandemic safety tips to all disaster guides due to this additional threat we all must consider during this time.

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