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The Case for Integration – Converting the BCM Silo into an Enterprise Risk Foundation

New demands are being placed on the Business Continuity organization to provide more services to the enterprise, often with little or no resources to support them. Higher levels of productivity, meeting new regulatory mandates, and providing coverage for new corporate acquisitions, are just a few of these new demands. But with these challenges comes the opportunity to increase our value to the enterprise transforming the traditional view of BCM as a necessary utility to a strategic part of the enterprise risk framework.

Join Douglas Weldon, Director – Operational Risk and Incident Management for Ipreo, at the 2017 Continuity Insights New York Conference as he explores current trends, especially the cyber security drivers, that are already influencing our BCM programs and how we can take advantage of these trends to further leverage our value-proposition within our companies. During The Case for Integration – Converting the BCM Silo into an Enterprise Risk Foundation you’ll discover the key to better leveraging our skills is to identify our core competencies as business continuity practitioners and determine how we can extend those competencies more broadly across other areas of operational and enterprise risk.

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