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The 11th Edition Crisis Management Assessment Is Live

Participate in the 11th Edition Crisis Management Assessment for a complimentary report and chance to win a $500 USD Amazon gift card.

BC Management (powered by Witt O’Brien’s) announced that its 11th Edition Crisis Management Study is live for participation. This study is globally recognized and will be used to assess how organizations prepare for and respond to different crises in addition to program enhancements coming in the new year.

For this study, participants must work in resiliency planning (business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, or crisis communications). Contract/ fixed term consultants are discouraged from participating unless they are responding exclusively on behalf of one client. If so, the entire study must be completed on behalf of one client.

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. As a study participant you’ll receive data findings on the following:

  • Impacts to the business operations and personnel
  • Downtime and financial loss by event
  • Lessons learned—what was successful and not successful
  • Executive involvement and oversight
  • Program enhancements to advance resilience management

Study participants will receive a complimentary report of the study findings and a customized Crisis Management dashboard (a peer assessment based on industry or organizational revenues). For any questions, please contact info@bcmanagememt.com.

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