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The 10th Edition Event Impact Management Report is Published

Continuity Insights

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This 50-page report highlights gaps in crisis management pre-planning, how top crises have impacted organizations, and program enhancements in the coming year. While this report is incredible, it’s impossible to showcase the data by various organizational demographics for effective peer-based assessments. This is why Witt O’Brien’s developed their customized dashboards (tailored by industry or organizational revenues) to help organizations obtain a clear understanding of how other “similar” organizations are managing their resiliency strategies. While the complimentary report is free to everyone, the customized BCM data dashboards are exclusive to study participants.  Fortunately, this study will remain open through August 30, 2023. So if you haven’t participated yet, there is still time to confidentially contribute to receive your customized data set.

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Continuity Insights

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