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Surviving BC by Living Outside the Box

Have you ever wondered if you are doing this Business Continuity job correctly? I’m sure we’ve all had some self-doubt somewhere along the way on our journey to helping build the ultimate resilient organization. Even if you feel like you’re on track, headed in the right direction, there are still times when…

With more than 20 years of experience and involvement in more than 100 events in last year alone, Becky Cohen, CBCP, MBCI, Director of Business Continuity at BBX Capital and its nine companies, has been there.

As your presenter for Continuity Insights’ new webinar – How I Survived 20+ Years in Business Continuity – Living Outside the Box! Cohen will describe how as a one-person department she manages to engage thousands of associates from nine different companies… and survive. She’ll chronicle how she got her start in BCP, finding the right formula for each company, and the challenges of audits, budgets, battles, and testing.

It’s a good day when work remains “inside of the box;” the extraordinary days are those with ‘challenges’ from outside the box; and success only comes from learning and achieving goals to ensure continuity.

How I Survived 20+ Years in Business Continuity – Living Outside the Box! is schedule for 2:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 19, 2019. The presentation will include time for questions to address your most challenging situations.

Registration is now open for this educational webinar here.

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