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Supply Wisdom


Supply Wisdom: Real-Time And Continuous Risk Intelligence And Monitoring
Global industry leaders use Supply Wisdom as a trusted resource for continuous risk monitoring and intelligence, real-time risk alerts, risk assessments, health reviews, and expert Analyst guidance. TPRM, GRC, Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Security professionals use Supply Wisdom to maintain business continuity, mitigate risks, and strengthen their sourcing operations.

What Can You Do With Supply Wisdom?

Simplify Third Party Oversight
Proactive and continuous insight into your critical third parties and locations


Be Proactive with Potential and Real Disruptions and Opportunities
Risk scores quantified by our proprietary Supply Wisdom risk methodology


Maintain Business Continuity and Resilience
Continuous and proactive real-time location risk and supplier risk monitoring



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Who Needs TPRM?

Third parties play a significant role in global business sourcing. When enterprises increase their reliance on third parties, they also open themselves to risk from third-party operations. Third party risks can have a far-reaching impact.

TPRM seeks to institute mechanisms to identify, quantify, monitor, and mitigate a variety of third-party risks.

Fortune 1000 enterprises rely on thousands of third parties for their business operations. Many of these enterprises, especially in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare are subject to oversight from a variety of regulators. As OCC/FINRA/HIPAA & other regulations, data protection and privacy laws, and laws relating to outsourcing increase, enterprises must have a program to ensure compliance, due diligence, and reporting.

This is where TPRM programs strive to ensure business certainty.



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