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The BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report, in association with Zurich, is a comprehensive resource for business continuity, supply chain management, and resilience practitioners alike for its insights on supply chain disruptions. Over the last nine years, it has provided practical and actionable advice which enables organizations across industry sectors worldwide to improve the resilience of their supply chains.

This report captures different aspects of the supply chain industry, ranging from the threats organizations face to how they prepare for them. The international scale of the report is reflected in the 408 individuals representing 64 countries who participated in the survey. Their responses are key to understanding how similar threats might affect operations in different geographical regions.

The report indicated that the top three causes of disruption are unplanned IT and telecommunications outages, cyber attacks and data breaches, and loss of talent, which affect organizations regardless of region, sector or size. Similarly, for the future ahead, professionals see the threat of international phenomena, such as terrorism, as some of their biggest concerns.

The full report aims to build knowledge that professionals can use to build more resilient supply chains. Learn more and download the complete Supply Chain Resilience Report 2017 at

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