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Skills Gap Remains Biggest Cybersecurity Challenge

Tripwire recently commissioned a survey of IT security professionals to determine the increase in the cybersecurity skills gap and to measure the progress of organizations in finding skilled professionals. The study explores hiring trends, how security teams are changing, and how they plan to address the issue in the face of growing cyberthreats.

The report found that most organizations are experiencing more difficulty finding skilled cybersecurity professionals, that they are understaffed, and that they feel at risk of losing the ability to maintain key cybersecurity programs. Findings also suggest that skills gap-related issues are worsening, comparing responses to similar research done in August 2017.

Key findings indicate that 80% of respondents say it is more difficult to find skilled professionals to fill open slots. And while 85% say their security teams are already understaffed, with the shortage of skill professionals available, only 1% believe they can manage their cybersecurity needs.

In his recent post for Homeland Security, Tripwire’s David Meltzer discusses how this year’s government shutdown may prove even more costly for agency hiring managers. The shutdown presents a significant detractor in attracting talent on top of the skills gap. Read his full post here.

The 2019 Skills Gap Survey results can be downloaded via Tripwire here.

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