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Sferic Connect Launched by Earth Networks

Earth Networks has announced the launch of Sferic Connect, a new mobile application and hub designed to deliver critical weather information and alerts to distributed employees across an organization or enterprise. This situational awareness and alerting app helps organizations initiate and comply with weather safety policies.

Now state and local governments, school districts, hospitals, police, fire and first responders can access pinpoint weather conditions and important notifications at-a-glance from a single point of distribution, ensuring employees have standardized, reliable information that’s relevant to their exact needs and location. Sferic Connect is an integral part of a comprehensive, real-time weather monitoring and alerting solution, which is a must-have for every safety-minded business or organization.

“We are thrilled to introduce Sferic Connect as a direct response to our customers’ request for full control over their organization’s weather information,” said Anuj Agrawal, Chief Marketing Officer at Earth Networks. “No more staff opting out, checking free weather apps not licensed for commercial use, or using their own judgement to make critical decisions. Sferic Connect gives everyone the same clear information, alerts, and call-to-action in an easy-to-use app, so operations staff can be sure their organization is ready for any kind of severe weather event.”

Sferic Connect is customizable for by organization and features:

  • Push Alerts for Weather and Lightning – Choose what, how, and when to notify offsite stakeholders of custom weather parameters and thresholds.
  • Total Lightning Detection – Over 1,700 sensors in 100 countries around the world monitor both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning, enabling the most comprehensive network with faster localized alerting capabilities.
  • Real-time Conditions – View temperature, feels like, wind speed and direction, dew point, UV index and more, for your exact location.
  • Hyperlocal Forecasts – Check the hourly and 7-day forecast for your location, directly from the app.
  • Storm-Tracking and Lightning Map – View live radar and lightning on a contextual map and know when storms are approaching.

Learn more about Sferic Connect at Earth Networks.

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