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About Rothstein Publishing

Since 1989, we’ve been publishing an extensive, informational suite of books, templates, software and videos in these areas and have recently added topics such as Cybersecurity, Enterprise Security Risk Management, and a new approach to Business Continuity, called Adaptive Business Continuity.

Top Content Provider of Cybersecurity,
Crisis Management & Business Continuity Books & Products

Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment: The Definitive Threat Identification and Threat Reduction Handbook



Crisis Counsel: Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict





Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan




Cybersecurity Law, Standards and Regulations (2nd Edition)




Building an Effective Cybersecurity Program 2nd Edition




Executing Crisis: A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide





Executing Crisis: A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide




You Can Gain Cause Analysis Mastery with this comprehensive 3-book library







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Tools, Templates, Videos
In addition to hard and soft copy bound books, Rothstein Publishing offers a wide array of  resources, tools, templates and instructive video’s designed to fast track department heads, cyber-security experts, business continuity managers and supervisors towards peak efficiency and solid effectiveness in the case of a structural breakdown, whether that be via natural disaster or internal breach.






Cause Analysis







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