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RockDove Solutions Unveils In Case of Crisis 365 to Help Organizations Resolve Threats Year-Round

RockDove Solutions, developer of an award-winning Issue and Crisis Management Platform, has released the next generation of their platform, In Case of Crisis 365, to enable organizations to document, track, and resolve emerging issues before they escalate to a crisis. This release comes at a crucial time, as threats to continuity of operations are strained by the ongoing pandemic and reputational risks can be ignited overnight.

In Case of Crisis 365 was developed to be a purpose-built platform that removes the complexity of responding to and resolving emerging issues by easily connecting cross-functional teams and stakeholders to actionable playbooks, intelligent workflows, and powerful communication services.

RockDove Solutions COO Christopher Britton spoke to the value of this next-generation platform: “Today, companies are facing real challenges in both how they collaborate and respond to an ever-increasing number of issues unfolding at an alarming rate. In Case of Crisis 365 takes clients from being prepared to respond to a crisis, to activating the right people, at the right time to address emerging threats and work together regardless of their location or area in the business.”

CTO Ray Baldwin shared the vision behind the release of In Case of Crisis 365: “Through the shared experience of the global pandemic, which destabilized virtually everything we do, we saw an opportunity to support the entire issue and crisis life cycle within our platform. Key to our design is an enterprise-ready platform that can be launched quickly within any size organization, is easy to adopt, and brings cross-functional teams together.”

Britton added that after an issue has been resolved, In Case of Crisis 365 creates After Action Reports so that the valuable insights can become lessons for the organization to distribute and build upon. The platform truly supports the full issue and crisis life cycle, allowing organizations to be better prepared and respond faster.”

Corporate crises can risk health and safety of staff, harm reputations, create distractions from the corporate mission, and be harmful to the organization’s valuation. The RockDove Solutions team is driven by the purpose of protecting clients from threats they face now, or may soon face in the future.

The RockDove Solutions team is prepared to support any use case brought to the table by the hundreds of organizations currently leveraging In Case of Crisis, across a spectrum of industries, including financial services, hospitality, education, utilities, and technology services.

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About RockDove Solutions: RockDove Solutions is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, the team is based outside of Washington, D.C. and is the developer of In Case of Crisis 365, an award-winning issue and crisis management platform. Our mission is simple: to help organizations move from static plans and generic company tools, to a purpose-built issue and crisis management platform.

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