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Risk And Resilience Trends: Predictions For 2024

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New DRI International report provides a look ahead to major global issues that resilience professionals may deal with in the coming year.

Politics, wars, the environment, economic downturns and AI are the global issues that will define 2024 for resilience professionals, according to a new Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International report. The business continuity and resilience training nonprofit organization has published its ninth annual Predictions Report: Resilience Predictions for the Profession, by the Profession.

The 2024 report provides an in-depth look ahead to major global issues that resilience professionals may deal with in the coming year. It was developed by the DRI Future Vision Committee (FVC), a group of international thought leaders in the field.

“Planning for the future is a core tenet of the resilience profession,” said Chloe Demrovsky, DRI President and CEO. “The Predictions Report helps us start the year with an eye on what’s coming, and while some topics may already be on our radar, there are always some surprising issues we may need to consider.”

Resilience 2024
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“While we can never predict exactly what the year will bring, but we believe 2024 will help define the years that follow,” commented Lyndon Bird, FVC Chair. “Compounding the possibilities in technology, geopolitics, the environment and other issues, this will also be a major election year across the globe, adding more weight to these matters.” 

Disaster Recovery And Resilience In 2024

The annual report features 10 predictions for the coming year. DRI’s predictions for 2024 highlight:

  • Proposed climate change measures and potential backlash
  • Evolving perceptions on artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Power supply and demand crises
  • Increasing technology regulation in the European Union
  • Migration and other election issues

To read the full report, download it free of charge from the DRI Library. Findings from the report will be discussed at the upcoming DRI2024, DRI’s annual conference for resilience and disaster recovery professionals, in New Orleans, LA March 3-6.

Read more about business resilience and continuity at Continuity Insights.

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