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Ripcord Solutions

2020 Continuity Insights New York Virtual Exhibit Hall

About Ripcord Solutions

Ripcord develops customized, resiliency training for your employees and recovery teams. We understand how challenging it can be to finally achieve the organizational buy-in, ownership, and participation needed for a successful resiliency program. Everything we do is customized to reflect your program, methodology, culture, and brand.

Business Continuity
This training course is definitely one of our favorites.  And one of our client’s favorite too! As an introductory-type awareness course, it is intended for all employees at your company. The content can vary depending upon your Business Continuity Program.  But most importantly, we want to make sure it covers the “Why.” Why is Business Continuity important? Why do we invest time and resources? And why should it matter to the learner?

Not only are these questions answered, but this type of awareness course is perfect to market the importance of resiliency throughout your organization. Imagine if everyone in your company, from senior leadership to the brand-new intern, recognized and appreciated Business Continuity and the activities that you do every day.

Active Shooter
Uhhhh. We hate this training. The course itself is really good and conveys incredibly important information, but we really wish there wasn’t a need for it. But, unfortunately, we live in a time and age where being prepared and knowing what to do in an active shooter event could save lives. In fact, this might be one of the most important trainings that we have made for our clients.

Crisis Management
During the course, we’ll walk through the DHS recommended “Run, Hide, Fight” and/or NPCC “Run, Hide, Tell” response sequence(s) while ensuring compliance with your company’s culture and incident response plans. This eLearning course is customized to reflect your program, methodology, culture and brand. Following our short development process, the course can launch from within your Learning Management System.

Local Teams. Regional Teams. Corporate Teams. Incident. Event. Crisis. Escalation.  Response. Recovery. How in the world are you supposed to keep everyone on the same page, stay in their lane, AND communicate with each other? Hmmm . . . training!

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Prepare your employees with our FREE Home Preparedness course

Get the 8-minute eLearning course for your employees to prepare at home. Super easy – the entire course, branded for your organization, on your LMS or network – and it’s free!

Resiliency starts at home
Learn how to inform and encourage your fellow employees to be ready – our homes, our families, our communities and ultimately our businesses will be better protected.

  • Full 8-minute eLearning course
  • Customized with your logo and colors
  • HTML5-compatible on all devices
  • Published for multiple LMS configurations
  • Spanish translation available


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