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Resolver’s 22.1 Release Delivers New Forms and Incident Submission Experience

Resolver Inc., a leader in Risk Intelligence software, has announced new, improved user flows and data intake in its 22.1 release. The new features are designed for ease of use for busy risk and security teams with improved user capabilities and incident submission workflows, for agile analysis and response.

The feature upgrades were designed through strong customer feedback, addressing the goal of improving the platform’s simplicity and ease of use for busy risk and security teams.

In this release, Resolver aimed to simplify the day-to-day for all lines of defense through updates to Forms, Two-Way Email, and Anonymous Portal Submission.

Forms: Resolver’s new form-building capabilities are purpose-built for faster adoption, ease of use, simplified user flows, and intuitive data displays. Resolver recognizes the need to provide personalization and configurability at the fingertips of the user to help scale our product alongside our customer’s business. In this release, deeper customization capabilities and reduced information density give users the power to condense or expand their form view, with the help of organized cards and tabs, to display the most valuable information for decision-making.

Two-Way Email: Allowing for meaningful collaboration between incident submitters and response teams, Resolver’s Two-Way Email feature helps elevate the existing email ingestion feature, allowing direct conversations with incident submitters (from an object nested right within Resolver’s application) leading to faster case resolutions. By improving data intake and communication, teams can improve trust and transparency in their incident solutions and prevention strategies.

Confidential Portal Submission: Supporting the privacy of submitters through confidential reporting, Resolver’s Confidential Portal Submission feature helps protect the Personal Identity of a submitter, builds transparency, and encourages the greatest number of people to come forward while offering companies the greatest degree of protection from risk.

Read the full announcement here.

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