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Successful system implementations are a combination of art and science. Even the best systems can lead to epic fails and non-acceptance. Selecting a BCDR application to help automate your program is a big decision. However, your next move can determine short- and long-term success.

A process driven system implementation is a key way to drive BCDR transformation in organizations. Implementing an application can be a rewarding process for your organization and your career.

BCDR Software Implementation – Recommended Practices, a new Continuity Insights webinar to be presented on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 2:00 ET, will feature a discussion led by Aaron Callaway, Managing Director, and Chris Hamrick, Consulting Manager, of Fairchild Resiliency Systems that will examine lessons learned from implementing hundreds of systems and recommended practices that will help ensure program success and digital adoption.

Registration for BCDR Software Implementation – Recommended Practices is now open here.

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