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Rapid BC Planning for the Ukrainian Crisis

In this lecture series from Adaptive BC Solutions, Dr. David Lindstedt discusses an approach for BC practitioners to plan rapidly for the escalating crisis in the Ukraine, or similar crises as they begin to unfold.

The series of short videos cover a number of relevant actions to put into practice immediately including:

  • An approach to rapid business continuity planning for impacts from the Ukraine Crisis.
  • An explanation of how the BC Practitioner can rapidly deploy a tool for people to think through and record their options for continuing services as the crisis in the Ukraine continues.
  • A quick approach to facilitating preparations for incident response.
  • How to assess your organization’s readiness for impacts to people, resources, and locations from the escalating crisis in the Ukraine.
  • The concept of a “plan-ahead” team, as first presented in a 2020 McKinsey & Co article, and how you can apply it to preparations for your organization.
  • The 10 Principles of Adaptive BC within a context of COVID and the escalating crisis in the Ukraine.

Watch the full series here.

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