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R3 Continuum is a global workplace behavioral health and security company. In this complex world, now more than ever it is important to protect and cultivate the psychological and physical safety of your organization. R3 Continuum can help. Through our continuum of support (evaluations, protective services, crisis response, executive optimization, and more) we can provide tailored solutions for your unique challenges. Talk to us.

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Hart Brown, Senior Vice President, Crisis Preparedness

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R3 Continuum Services

Facilitated Discussions – While differences in opinion are normal, sometimes these differences can escalate, causing major conflict within a workplace. Rather than ignoring the issues causing conflict, having a moderated discussion about significant social and cultural issues impacting the workforce can be valuable. As a neutral third party, R3 Continuum’s facilitators, trained in mediation principles, moderate interactive discussions to increase mutual respect, understanding, cohesion and communication.

Outreach Wellness Check – Outbound telephonic check-ins, conducted by specially trained behavioral health coaches, offer a safe and structured venue for employees to assess their status, identify any barriers to optimal functioning, and engage in resilience-based strategies as they move forward to the next phase of this crisis. This positive and proactive outreach is an effective tool for supporting an engaged, productive, and thriving workforce – all from an accessible, virtual platform.

Strategic Crisis Leadership – Through the use of empirically-researched and field-tested methods our tailored strategic crisis leadership solutions can help organizations protect their reputations, employees, and core assets in the face of unexpected threats. Ensure your senior leadership has the support solutions necessary for protecting and cultivating the psychological and physical wellbeing of your organization.

Threat of Violence Assessment and Management – When an employee or external individual becomes threatening, ensuring the safety of your workplace becomes critical. Conducting a threat assessment and helping manage the incident, aids in your ability to be better informed of the threat level, appropriate and defensible next steps, and to achieve a safe outcome. R3c subject matter experts utilize a combined psychological and security approach that is a best practice and unique in the industry.

Disruptive Event Management – Timely and customized support for leadership and employees in response to workplace disruption caused by COVID-19 or other events impacting the psychological wellbeing of your organization. R3c’s disruptive event management services are available virtually, telephonically, and onsite to help effectively support your employees and build their resilience.

Fitness for Duty Evaluation with Violence Screen – Personalized assessments with a violence screen provide an unbiased determination of an individual’s capacity to perform essential job functions and also screen for violence risk issues – helping you ensure workplace safety. As leaders, it’s essential to be able to identify potentially violent behavior, assess the likelihood of a threat, and understand how to de-escalate the danger.

Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity – Man-made emergencies and natural disasters are unpredictable and can wreak havoc on an organization. Having a well thought out plan to ensure the safety and emotional wellbeing of your employees, restore damaged property and assets, and recover quickly to resume essential services, is key to corporate viability. R3c can help create effective plans to protect, restore, recover, and resume your business as quick as possible.

Leading at the Intersection of COVID and Civil Unrest
Supporting Coworkers Experiencing Distress in the Wake of Recent Civil Unrest

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2020 Continuity Insights New York Conference Keynote Presentation“The Shape of Behavior, Society, the Workplace,
and the Future”

Hart Brown and George Vergolias, PsyD, R3 Continuum
(ORIGINAL BROADCAST) Monday, October 19, 2020 | 12:00 p.m. ET; (VIEW NOW ON-DEMAND)
The world is rapidly reinventing itself while many people are still caught in the fog of psychological uncertainty. Organizational leadership is continually looking for sound counsel to navigate new trends and behavioral economics. What is clear is that this systemic crisis cannot simply be managed by repeating success in the past. So how do you create value by staying ahead of the needs of the organization? Join R3 Continuum’s Hart Brown and George Vergolias for this keynote presentation as they address:

  • The challenges of employee uncertainty to organizations today
  • What behavioral science tells us to expect tomorrow
  • How these behavioral insights can help us to create value now and in the future

Meet the Speakers

Senior Vice President, Crisis Preparedness
R3 Continuum
Hart has over 20 years of experience in both the public and the private sector and has provided security, crisis and risk management services across 50 countries. This includes locations and events in Africa such as Ethiopia and South Africa during the World Cup. Previously Hart worked with the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program for the US Department of State and ran the organizational resilience, security and crisis management program at a top 10 global insurance brokerage and works closely with insurance programs in commercial, personal, benefits and specialties markets supporting risk modeling and financial assessments as well as emerging risks, reputation protection, crisis management, deadly weapons and active shooter protection, and business interruption. He is a member of the ASIS Crisis Management Council, Claims and Litigation Management, and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

George L. Vergolias, PsyD, CTM
Medical Director
R3 Continuum
George  oversees and leads R3c’s Clinical Risk, Threat of Violence and Workplace Violence programs, and has directly assessed or managed over 1,000 cases related to threat of violence or self-harm, sexual assault, stalking, and communicated threats. He brings over 20 years of experience as a Forensic Psychologist and Certified Threat Manager to bear in an effort to help leaders, organizations, employees and communities heal, optimize and ultimately thrive before, during and after disruption.


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