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R3 Continuum Announces COVID-19 Support Team

Disruptive event management firm R3 Continuum (R3c) has formalized a COVID-19 support team to harness its deep expertise and resources, making them available for organizations that are navigating the fast paced and compounding impacts of this global pandemic.

“In order to support our clients, our partners, our colleagues, our families, and our friends, there has not been a more important time to have access to the best advice available,” said Hart Brown, Senior Vice President of Strategic Crisis Management at R3 Continuum, “This may be the greatest challenge of our generation, and we’re here to provide our expertise to organizations navigating these challenging times.”

Available under its Strategic Crisis Management program, R3c’s COVID-19 Support Team includes occupational medicine, infectious disease, and emergency department physicians, crisis management specialists, public health experts, corporate medical directors, risk management professionals, Ph.D.’s in psychology and organizational human resource development, federal officers, security directors, and emergency management directors.

R3c has resources in more than 100 countries and the COVID-19 Support Team has provided services to organizations and government agencies alike. These have included U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Harvard University Medical School, Fortune 500 organizations, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Boston University, U.S. Department of Transportation, Yale University School of Medicine, U.S. Veterans Administration, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Justice, and U.S. Department of Defense.

Read the full announcement here and learn more at R3 Continuum.

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