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Quantivate Seeks to Ease Compliance Burden for Heavily Regulated Mortgage Industry

Quantivate, a leader in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software, has announced its expansion into compliance solutions for the heavily regulated mortgage industry.

“Quantivate is uniquely positioned to help relieve the burden of regulatory pressure on mortgage banking companies,” said Quantivate CEO and Founder Andy Vanderhoff. “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has imposed thousands of pages of regulations on lenders. Quantivate technology empowers mortgage bankers to manage governance, risk, and compliance so they can do what they are meant to do – get people into homes.”

As the only GRC solution for the mortgage industry created by banking professionals for banking professionals, Quantivate enables mortgage lenders to manage all aspects of governance, risk, and compliance in one scalable platform:

  • Mortgage Enterprise Risk Management
  • Mortgage Vendor Management
  • Mortgage Business Continuity
  • Mortgage IT Risk Management
  • Mortgage Compliance Management
  • Mortgage Internal Audit
  • Mortgage Complaint Management
  • Mortgage Policy Management
  • Mortgage Issue Management

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