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Pronto Recovery Offers Remote Work Solutions for Extended Periods of Time

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As the second wave of COVID-19 begins emerging, businesses continue to scramble to protect their employees and offices. This new challenge points to employees continuing their new work from home schedule for a largely unknown, extended period of time.

To allow organizations to continue operations as they adjust to this new way of working, Pronto Recovery has been working diligently to provide the necessary technology hardware and equipment, closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation globally and mobilizing its inventory in order to avoid any issues with shipment and delivery.

Pronto’s FLEX Recovery Solution can provide companies the opportunity to have employees work from home during a crisis so your employees can be up and operational quickly whether a business faces flooding, power outages, or a pandemic such as COVID-19.

As every disaster has its own unique recovery needs, the FLEX Recovery solution has a specifically designed set of technology, networking and services that is configured to meet any business and employee requirements. Additionally, the solution is independent of any terrestrial networking services and is completely self-contained.

Learn more about Pronto’s FLEX Recovery Remote Work Solution here.

Pronto Recovery has been actively involved in extensive COVID-19 recovery efforts since the outbreak of the pandemic. Read more here.

Continuity Insights

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