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Continuity Insights Management Conference

In the past year, we’ve seen dramatic increases in cyber security-related incidents. The rate of data breaches has only continued in 2018, even as organizations continue upping their efforts to stop these attacks, making it a top priority to handle increasingly sophisticated threats.

The 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference has assembled a roster of some today’s most experienced business continuity professionals specializing in cyber security preparedness to help you extend your knowledge base and leave with informed actionable insights.

The Conference will feature a raft of sessions addressing key cyber security issues, including the featured keynote, Business Interrupted – Cyber Risk Gets Physical.

The magnitude of recent events is posing unprecedented challenges to corporate boards, C-suite executives, and shareholders. For this reason, it’s critically important for business continuity, incident management, disaster recovery, and emergency management professionals to stay informed of developments in the cybersecurity arena.

In this presentation, Dr. Nader Mehravari, Chief Scientist with Axio, and David White, Axio Founder and COO, will characterize the expanding cyber risk environment, review key cyber threats, including threats to the ever-increasing convergence of physical and cyber domains, discuss key challenges faced by organizations in effectively managing their cyber exposure, and present actionable strategies for successfully managing the risk of cyber business interruption. While cyber risk cannot be eliminated, it can be effectively managed (or solved) through cyber resilience optimization to meet the business needs of our organizations.

In addition to the featured keynote, relevant sessions will discuss important cyber security trends and emerging best practices. These informative presentations include:

  • Cyber Risks and Emerging Technology/Threats
  • Cyber Security – It’s Not Just Your Data!
  • Live Hack Cyber Attack
  • Sheltered Harbor: Protection Against Potential Significant Cyber Risk
  • Coordinating Business Continuity and Information Security
  • IT DR Program Improvements; Working with Improved Technologies and the People Who Know Them Best
  • Next-Gen Business Continuity: The Increased Complexity of Protecting On-Premises and Cloud-Based Workloads
  • Reimagining Disaster Recovery – Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery Transformation

This year’s Conference will take place at the Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, FL. The complete program, including speakers, sessions, panel discussions, and workshops, is available here.


For complete details and registration visit the conference website here.

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