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Preparis Adds New Feature To Its Preparis Planner

The provider of business continuity and crisis management planning software is updating its Preparis Planner.

Preparis, a provider of business continuity and crisis management planning software and part of Agility Recovery launched Plan Builder, Preparis Planner’s newest feature.

Plan Builder is an easy-to-use tool that allows organizations to quickly generate and customize plans to reduce losses and streamline recovery during a crisis.

With Plan Builder, users can swiftly start with out-of-the-box plans for departments, companies, and locations created by continuity experts, and customize them to suit their specific needs. Plan Builder also features an improved editor to work smoothly with Word documents, the ability to assign specific templates to individual departments within the organization, and the ability to integrate plans into other company documents or presentations.

When Planner is integrated with Incident Manager and Alerts, organizations are
prepared to address any incident, big or small.

“We created Preparis Planner with one goal in mind: Make continuity planning accessible (and affordable) for all organizations, no matter their size, industry, or staffing,” said Jon Bahl, CEO of Preparis and Agility Recovery. “Since Planner’s inception, we’ve continued to build an entire suite for continuity program management with planning, alerts, and incident management functionality baked
into one platform.”

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