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Preparing Your Company for Operations – Before, During, and After a Cyber Attack

Conventional cyber-security doesn’t address the broad range of business issues affected by cyber-attack. A comprehensive strategy must incorporate both basic and emerging cyber defenses that address technology, policy, and behavior. It also needs coordinated, detailed plans to continue operations after an attack, defeat the attack, and restore the organization to the pre-attack state.

Organizations must commit to the success of its defense plan and continuously review, assess, test, and upgrade its defenses. An organization that can achieve all of these strategic points will become cyber-resilient.

Allan Cytryn, Principal with Risk Masters International, addressed these challenges as a member of the faculty at the 2017 Continuity Insights Management Conference. His complete presentation is now available for the business continuity community.

DOWNLOAD: Preparing Your Company for Operations – Before, During, and After a Cyber Attack

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