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Join Preparing for the Unexpected host Alex Fullick and BCI Award Winning BCM/Risk guru, James Green as they interview attendees, and talk about all things related to risk, resilience, and Business Continuity, at the 2022 Continuity Insights Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Day 2 / Hour 1: For this hour, Fullick and James talk about:

  1. Beijing and a potential lockdown,
  2. The continuing impact of Chinese lockdowns on the Supply Chain,
  3. Changing business relationships due to the ongoing issues in China,
  4. Learning and gaining soft skills and discovering that it starts within oneself,
  5. What happens if a mask mandate returns and its politicization and the problems it could bring,
  6. Public expectations and the miscommunication/messaging from the CDC (and others),
  7. The RAID-LLAP Log, and 8. How to build your confidence to speak at a conference – or other group – by leveraging passion.

It’s a fun and exciting exchange between Alex and James.

Watch here.

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