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Premier Continuum Certified as a Canadian Women’s Brand by WBE Canada

Premier Continuum has been awarded the “Canadian Women Brand” by Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) in 2022. The WBE certification supports Canadian women-owned businesses in their business development with numerous stakeholders, buyers, business suppliers and governments in North America.

Premier Continuum was founded back in 1997 by Isabelle Primeau, a woman entrepreneur specializing in business continuity, in Montreal, Canada. After five years of operations and flourishing growth, her sister, Marie-Hélène Primeau, joined the company. Together and supported by a talented multidisciplinary team, they have taken the services offered by Premier Continuum in organizational resilience to an impressive level. While they have been experiencing sustained international growth and are a frontrunner in the industry in Quebec, they recently began the process of obtaining this Canadian Woman Brand certification.

“We are proud to have been selected to display the WBE certification. This will allow us to access a larger network of North American clients who could benefit from our support. This is further proof that our clients are working with a credible and solid partner”, said Isabelle Primeau, founder and president of Premier Continuum.

“We are also very pleased that our team is composed of more than 60% of talented and dynamic women. They are really shining.” mentions Marie-Hélène Primeau, executive vice president of Premier Continuum.

Premier Continuum supports clients worldwide through their consulting services, professional training and ParaSolution, a continuity automation software that is recognized as one of the best solutions in the world by many organizations such as Gartner, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and SoftwareReviews.

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